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Established in 2005, Kamc Services has steadily been helping companies develop their product and service offering, by consistently adding value.

In 2014 we became Repackaging Services.

Our tailored solutions concentrate on key fundamentals of Simplicity, Staff interaction and Co-operation, Hands on Approaches and results.

Our founder Thomas Gibson, hails from an extensive back-round in "Fast Moving Consumable Goods" (FMCG) supply and DIY retailing.

This experience has enabled Repackaging Services to fine tune our expertise to help our clients with a complete menu of solutions: "we can help you develop it, buy it, store it, dispatch it, promote it, sell it and also re-work it or fix it!" A full concept to sale-to after sales solution.

At Repackaging Services we facilitate all aspects of sales delivery encompassing Range offer tendering, buyer relationship building, Product specification and sourcing, Quality Assurance, packing corrective reworks and Repackaging. We are also able to scope consumer behaviour in store and create bespoke point of sale aids, in house.

Our team of promoters are well suited to sales uplift exercises in store and detailed consumer surveys.

Our philosophy on best cost sourcing stems from experience that lowest cost sources are not always the best solution and obvious source countries aren't always suitable.

Our success has ranged from consistent, sustained growth of penetrative sales with new products, to saving our client's money on dealing with Dead-Stock, Returns and Dispatch procedures.

We know that we can help and assist you, like we have helped so many customers before.  We offer a secure and private solution to all our clients and professional solutions to most problems.

Why not give us a call now and see how we can help you. +44 (0) 7739 22 4757

Here are our address details:-

Repackaging Services
Unit 25 Whaddon Business Park
Wilts.  SP5 3HF

We also have a unit in Rotherham, Yorkshire